Just to let y’all know I’m back in THE COLD 🥶 I loved being in Arizona for the time I was and I shot so much I got work for months lol🤟🏽📸 but anyways I’m back home in Wisconsin so I have to get back to the books BUT continue to work and grind🔝📸


So I just want to update you guys on what I’ve been doing in Arizona since Monday night and I just started shooting Tuesday so I have gotten FOUR photoshoots done so far & I’ve done over eight looks sooo I’m super excited 🦋🦋

🚨I have another photo shoot tomorrow morning on Saturday at 9 AM with a photographer who is dope as well as the other 4 photographers Ive gotten the chance to work with out here.

 I’m really excited to share all of these shoots and submit them to magazines & do a lot more with these photos

I really hope that you guys love these and appreciate the hard work that I’m putting in and I’m not gonna stop all 2020 + years after that ! I’m applying the pressure bitches😝😝🔝📸👀


Currently I’m in Arizona and having an amazing time working out here !! I’ve done 2 shoots and have more to come 🔜 I’m so excited to show you this vlog and post on my YouTube Channel 🥰 I should have the video done by February 1st so make sure to Subscribe to my channel Dez Marie to stay updated 🚨🚨 but ya so far this trip is chill, I’m leaving Sunday night so I don’t have much longer here in Tempe . 😩but I miss my fish lol but yeah that’s an update on how my trip is going so far ❤️✈️✈️😍

Never give up. #2020

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of personal growth and challenges that pushed me to go even harder. 

I’ve been struggling with school and also certain financial things but I’m not in a bad spot where I can’t support myself so I just I’m learning to appreciate everything more and to work harder for anything that I need or want in my life.

I want everyone to know that they should never give up on their dreams and it takes time and everyone has their own life path . Never worry about what others can do and you can’t . Learn to be authentic…

It can take one year, it could take 10 years or take 20 but I would never give up on modeling and I will never give up on college and I’m gonna keep working harder to accomplish my dreams and motivate you guys and be the change in many peoples lives.  I just want others and myself to be their BEST SELF.